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11/8/16 - 4/8/17 (Multiple Application Deadlines)
NINDS F32 NRSA for Training of Postdoctoral Fellows
The purpose of this award is to support outstanding scientific training of highly promising postdoctoral candidates with outstanding mentors. Candidates are eligible to apply for support from this program from ~12 months prior to the start of the proposed postdoctoral position to within 12 months after starting in postdoctoral position. Based on...

1/18/16 - 2/18/16 (Multiple Application Deadlines)
Clinical Trial Readiness for Rare Neurological and Neuromuscular Diseases (U01)
The purpose of this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is to support clinical studies that will fill gaps in the design of upcoming clinical trials in rare neurological or neuromuscular diseases by validating clinical outcome measures or biomarkers, or by characterizing cohorts of relevant patients. Through the support of trial readiness studi...

4/18/16 - 5/18/16 (Multiple Application Deadlines)
Bioengineering Research Partnerships (U01)
Bioengineering Research Partnerships (U01) The goal of a Bioengineering Research Partnership (BRP) is to drive the development and speed the adoption of promising tools and technologies that can address important biomedical problems for which insufficient or no solutions exist. The use of engineering principles is encouraged to establish these to...

5/1/18 - 5/18/18 (LOI)
8/24/18 - 9/7/18 (Application)
DSF Research Grants
DSF’s Research Grant Program offers funding for research directly related to Dravet syndrome and associated disorders. These grants fund initial research hypotheses that have not been fully explored. The results extracted from this type of research will help bring untested research to the point that it can qualify for larger governmental funding....
Funder: Dravet Syndrome Foundation
Tags: Dravet Syndrome, SCN1A

5/1/18 - 5/18/18 (LOI)
8/24/18 - 9/7/18 (Application)
DSF Postdoctoral Fellowships
DSF’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program develops academic physicians and scientists committed to research related to Dravet syndrome and associated ion channel epilepsies. The fellowship is intended to support a full-time research effort. Successful applicants receive a stipend of $50,000 over the 12 month award. The number of awards is co...
Funder: Dravet Syndrome Foundation
Tags: Dravet Syndrome, SCN1A

4/28/15 - 5/8/19 (Multiple Application Deadlines)
K22 - NINDS Advanced Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity in Neuroscience Resea
The NINDS Advanced Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity is designed to enhance the participation of highly trained early career investigators from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in neuroscience research. This opportunity provides individuals from diverse backgrounds with strong training in neuroscience with the resources...

5/15/15 - 5/8/19 (Multiple Application Deadlines)
NINDS Faculty Development Award to Promote Diversity in Neuroscience Research (K01)
The purpose of the NINDS Faculty Development Award to Promote Diversity in Neuroscience Research K01 is to diversify the pool of independent neuroscience research investigators and to enhance the opportunity to obtain independent NIH or other independent research support by providing junior faculty with research cost support, protected research tim...

7/25/17 - 10/10/20 (Application)
SUDEP Institute Challenge: FINAL MILESTONE (#3): Developing Predictive Biomarkers of Epilepsy Sz
Each year, more than 1 out of 1,000 people with epilepsy die from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, known as SUDEP. If seizures are not controlled, the risk increases to 1 out of 150. One way the Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute is trying to save lives and end SUDEP is with a series of four multidisciplinary prize challenges. 1. The fir...
Funder: Epilepsy Foundation
Tags: Models, Clinical Epilepsy, Mechanisms, Devices, Technologies, Stem Cells, Biomarkers, SUDEP
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