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Clinical Research Training Apprenticeship
The Epilepsy Foundation (EF) seeks to advance the careers of clinical professionals committed to the care of individuals with epilepsy and improving their lives through research. We are therefore funding a 1-year opportunity for trainees to learn about clinical research first-hand, by becoming involved with an ongoing rigorous research endeavor. We recognize that there is limited feasibility in an epilepsy trainee getting a new study off the ground and completed within the course of a year due to administrative issues from IRB approvals to recruitment of participants. However, we believe that it is critical for clinical trainees to be able to conduct research and have exposure to clinical investigation for their professional development. We therefore are providing an opportunity for trainees to perform research under the umbrella of an ongoing research study, and to be mentored by one of the senior investigators on the study team who will provide didactic training and support during the course of the award. Research studies would fall under the T1-T4 types of clinical research as defined by new Institute of Medicine and Clinical Translational Study Awards (please look at our FAQs for additional information regarding the types of research supported with this award.) The goal is for the trainee to perform original research but also to learn research methodology from experts. This apprenticeship program is a way for awardees to gain exposure to ongoing clinical investigation as well as develop scientific skills. They may also be able to obtain preliminary data for future grant submissions.
The Clinical Research Training Apprenticeship awards $35,000 for one-year, with a minimum of 25% protected time. These funds can go towards research expenses, coursework/training or to offset salary support up to 25% of the applicant’s salary and fringe since that’s the required percent effort. The applicant can defer the award for up to a year upon acceptance.
The Epilepsy Foundation will fund the fellowships and manage the review of the proposals. The American Epilepsy Society will provide administration of the award and contribute one year of membership and registration to the AES Annual Meeting, where the awardee will be included in mentorship and professional development opportunities alongside a cohort of early career epilepsy scientists.
Tags: Clinical Epilepsy
Opportunity Contact:
grants administrator   
Secondary Contact:
Liz Schreiber
Dates Application Dates

Open: 8/13/19
Close: 10/15/19
Response: 1/6/20
Funding Level: $35,000
Funding Length: 12 months
Funding Start Date: 7/6/20
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