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GNAO1-related Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Grant
Grants will be awarded to qualified independent researchers to launch GNAO1-related scientific research studies or clinical trials, the results of which can be used to obtain future research funding from other funding agencies. The areas of study may include but are not limited to therapeutics, small molecules, genetic therapies, clinic studies, etc. Special consideration will be given to projects that collaborate and coordinate across institutions and or specifically translational projects that will move from bench to bedside and potentially benefit patients sooner than later. Projects previously funded by the Bow Foundation will be considered for competitive renewal.
Tags: GNA01, Models, Clinical Epilepsy, Mechanisms, Health Services
Opportunity Contact:
Emily Bell  
Dates LOI Dates

Open: 12/20/20
Close: 2/15/21
Response: 3/22/21
Dates Application Dates

Open: 3/22/21
Close: 5/10/21
Response: 6/28/21
Funding Level: $100,000
Funding Length: 12 months
Funding Start Date: 7/12/21
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