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Research Partnership Award
Intent: To create an avenue to support new or existing collaborative research partnerships between/among investigators to address a research problem or question in a manner that would be unachievable through separate efforts. It is expected that investigators utilize their distinct but complementary perspectives to synergistically address a central problem or question critical to PTE research and those living with PTE, their families, and/or their care partners.

A proposed project in which a partner merely supplies tissue or access to patients will not meet the intent of this award mechanism. Clinical trials are not allowed under this funding opportunity. This opportunity is open to both foreign and domestic investigators.

The Initiating PI and Partnering PI(s) may be investigators at any career level. The Initiating PI and named Partnering PI(s) can be from any field or discipline but must demonstrate suitable experience relevant to the proposed research

Grants.gov Funding Opportunity Number:
Dates LOI Dates

Open: 2/28/23
Close: 5/19/23
Dates Application Dates

Open: 2/28/23
Close: 6/23/23
Funding Level: $1,200,000
Funding Length: 36 months
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