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Virtual Post-Traumatic Epilepsy Research Center (P-TERC) - Faculty Award
Intent: Develop successful, highly productive Faculty in a collaborative environment by offering intensive mentoring, national networking, collaborations, and peer review.

Faculty Award: Focuses on the PI’s research and career development

Supports research projects with an emphasis on discovery that investigate questions across the PTE research spectrum (biology/etiology, prevention, diagnosis/detection, prognosis, treatment, and quality of life)

Open to independent investigators at all academic levels (or equivalent) who are new to the field of PTE research as evidenced by only nominal publication and/or funding history in the field.

This opportunity is open to both foreign and domestic investigators.

Preliminary data are encouraged but NOT required, though evidence demonstrating the ability of the applicant to execute the chosen model of TBI within their laboratory or the laboratory of a collaborator is required.

Career Guide and Career Development plan are required

Dates LOI Dates

Open: 3/18/22
Close: 5/19/22
Dates Application Dates

Open: 3/18/22
Close: 6/23/22
Funding Level: $500,000
Funding Length: 36 months
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