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Virtual Post-Traumatic Epilepsy Research Center (P-TERC) - Faculty Award
Intent of this funding mechanism: To solicit Faculty members to join the Virtual P-TERC in order to advance PTE research through the development of early-career investigators and investigators new to the PTE field.

Important aspects of this award mechanism include:
• Focus on the PI’s research and career development.
• Support for research projects with an emphasis on discovery that investigate questions across the PTE research spectrum (biology/etiology, prevention, diagnosis/ detection, prognosis, treatment, and quality of life).
• Requires a Career Guide as part of the application

Preliminary data are not required; however, evidence demonstrating the research team’s ability to execute the chosen model of TBI and record subsequent seizure is required, if applicable.

Grants.gov Funding Opportunity Number:
HT9425-23-ERP-Virtual P-TERC-F
Dates LOI Dates

Open: 2/28/23
Close: 5/19/23
Dates Application Dates

Open: 2/28/23
Close: 6/23/23
Funding Level: $525,000
Funding Length: 36 months
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