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2022 Early-stage investigator grant
Through our Early-Stage Investigator Grant Program, CCC hopes to accelerate the development of therapeutic treatments and disease-modifying advancements for those living with CHD2-related disorders. This grant program is designed to facilitate preliminary investigations that will potentially lay the groundwork for subsequent grants from the government, industry, or other funding sources, including Coalition to Cure CHD2.

CCC is interested in supporting research that advances the understanding of the cellular, molecular, genetic, and systems-level mechanisms of CHD2-related disorders. However, priority will be given to innovative projects which could potentially lead to therapeutic treatments or a cure for those with CHD2-related disorders.
Tags: CHD2, Mechanisms
Opportunity Contact:
Christine Salmi  
Dates LOI Dates

Open: 2/17/22
Close: 4/15/22
Response: 4/15/22
Dates Application Dates

Open: 5/15/22
Close: 7/11/22
Response: 8/15/22
Funding Level: $30,000
Funding Length: 12 months
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