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TS Alliance Postdoctoral Fellowships
Postdoctoral awards may support any type of basic or translational research relevant to TSC that provides an outstanding opportunity for the trainee’s professional growth. These awards are intended to provide funding for an individual with an MD or PhD degree who is working with and mentored by a Sponsor to do research relevant to TSC. The Sponsor must be tenure-track faculty (or an equivalent level at a research institution or company). The award is intended to fund the applicant’s salary and some of the laboratory supplies or tools necessary to conduct the proposed research. The award is not intended to fund technical support for the project or to purchase equipment in the Sponsor’s laboratory.

The trainee applicant is considered the Principal Investigator for the purpose of postdoctoral
fellowship awards. Full details available at https://www.tsalliance.org/researchers/grants-and-funding/
Tags: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, TSC1/TSC2, Models, Mechanisms, Devices, Technologies, Stem Cells, Biomarkers, Behavior, Neuropsychology, Language, Genetics, Public Health, Comorbidity (Somatic and Psychiatric), Antiepileptic Drugs, Non-AED, Non-Surgical Treatments , SUDEP
Opportunity Contact:
Katie Smith  - ksmith@tsalliance.org  (800) 225-6872  
Secondary Contact:
Steven Roberds  - sroberds@tsalliance.org
Dates LOI Dates

Open: 3/19/21
Close: 5/17/21
Response: 6/25/21
Dates Application Dates

Open: 6/25/21
Close: 8/23/21
Funding Level: $150,000
Funding Length: 24 months
Funding Start Date: 12/1/21
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