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Epilepsy Innovation Seal of Excellence Award
The Epilepsy Innovation Seal of Excellence awards are, like New Therapy Commercialization (NTC) grants, designed to accelerate the advancement of research from the laboratory to the patient. SEALs are provided to academic and commercial groups worldwide. The program seeks to advance the development of new therapies including but not limited to medicines, biologics or devices. All proposals must demonstrate a clear path from the lab to the patient and are evaluated with consideration for their potential value to patients, likelihood of successful development including regulatory approval and the timeframe of development. Drug development may be stimulated at the early phases leading to an IND.

The Epilepsy Innovation Seal of Excellence award is not primarily a grant program. The program provides a competitive, in-depth review by the Scientific and Business Advisory Boards and an actual SEAL that may be used by the awardee to generate interest in the project. The applicants will typically have a research budget of between $1 and $5M for the overall project--amounts that currently exceed the resources of the Epilepsy Foundation. The Epilepsy Foundation will assist the awardees in finding funds for the selected projects.
Opportunity Contact:
grants administrator   
Dates LOI Dates

Open: 12/28/17
Close: 2/1/18
Response: 3/16/18
Dates Application Dates

Open: 3/19/18
Close: 4/20/18
Response: 6/29/18
Funding Length: 0 months
Funding Start Date: 7/1/18
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